CONDITION for strength, endurance, flexibility and weight management.

NURTURE through caregiving, grooming, dental, play and socialization.

HEAL with therapy, bodywork and proper nutrition.

LEAD by teaching through positive reinforcement.

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  FitPAWS®: Core Strength & Balance

   Doga: Rejuvenation & Gentle Flow

   Beachbody: Aerobic & Anaerobic

   Agility: Endurance & Flexibility

Therapeutic and sports massage

   Manual Ligament Therapy (M.L.T.)

   ROM & strength training

   Nutritional support

  Beginner to advanced obedience

   The Right Start: puppy classes

   Behaviour modification

   Off-leash work

  Loving & attentive pet sitting service

   Building confidence & social skills

   Grooming & wellness spa

   Pawties & celebrations!

Blvd of Barking Dreams Neighbourhood Dog Walking is great for the dog that prefers to play one-on-one with a human buddy, or for the economical owner. Give your dog a chance to get outdoors, stretch their legs and help break up a long day at home alone. Great for young dogs being potty trained. $12/45 min.

Bend & Mend Rehab & Message is a benefit to any dog. From relaxation to rehabilitative massage for the injured, geriatric and performance dog. Our therapist is a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) and Certified Manual Ligament Therapy *CMLT), a cutting edge new bodywork technique involving releases that target the ligaments and re-establishes proper biomechanics. Balance, strength, flexibility and ROM exercises compliment individually designed programs.

In-Home Boarding meets your dog’s home-away-from-home needs with traditional backyard hospitality and a warm place to sleep in our home. Your dog will make new friends, socialize, play and avoid regressions in behaviour and the stress of a kennel environment.

We welcome you to visit us first and see what we have to offer before deciding if we can make your dog’s stay a staff and comfortable vacation.

Bring It! Grooming takes the hassle and stress out your dog’s new do. We come to you! Have your dog groomed in the comfort of their home by our JKL groomer, and relieve the stress your dog normally associates with a trip to the groomers. Convenient for you, comforting for them. And we leave your bathroom as sparkling as we found it! $45 & up.

Crate Escape Doggie Daycare rescues your dog from a day of boredom and your personal property from destruction. A great way to socialize your dog and tire them out for a quiet night at home. We offer a safe environment supervised by an ABCCertified Dog Trainer (ABCDT). $15 (pick-up and drop-off service available $10 each way).

Convenient services for the urban dog

Stelladog Animal Academy is located in Lac La Biche, AB. For directions, go to - Stelladog Animal Academy, Lac La Biche, AB - Google Maps

Stelladog Animal Academy is located in Lac La Biche, AB. For directions, go to - Stelladog Animal Academy, Lac La Biche, AB - Google Maps